Pilot Project funding ($25,000, one-year award) is available from the Hopkins Conte Digestive Diseases Basic and Translational Research Core Center for new pilot/feasibility projects in the GI-related field.  The proposals are short, and the turnaround time is fast.

The main goal of this funding is to facilitate collaborative projects at the interphase of clinical and fundamental research. Ideal projects will generate data to be used for future NIH/Foundation grant applications. New collaborations between the current members of the Center, as well as collaborations between the Center member(s) and a wider JHU research community, are encouraged. There is no requirement for permanent residence status or US citizenship. 


  1. Independent investigators with M.D., Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. are eligible; current NIH funding is not required.
  2. At least one of the collaborating investigators must have the GI-relevant expertize.
  3. The currently collaborating investigators who are starting a new, innovative project that represents a significant departure from their on-going, funded research.

Investigators are generally eligible to receive support only once in any 5-year period. Consideration can be given for a second year upon submission of a formal application, which must include a progress report.


  1. The proposed research must be related to a GI topic.
  2. The project proposes to use one or more Center Cores. Information about Cores can be found here.
  3. Awardees are expected to provide a written summary of scientific achievements, publications, funding applied for and achieved at the end of the funding period.
  4. Awardees are expected to participate and present their research at a Center’s Work-in-Progress meetings.


  1. Applications are submitted electronically (by e-mail) in March 2020 to Ms. Esther Choi (echoi34@jhmi.edu).
    Only fully completed applications that follow the format described below will be considered.
  2. The funding is for one year can be used to cover expenses for salary (technician, postdoctoral fellow, NOT faculty), supplies, animals.
  3. Format:
    1. Cover page, which includes title, abstract up to 250 words (can be Arial 10) and pending/approved IACUC/IRB protocols.
    2. NIH Biosketch of applicant
    3. Applicant’s other support (salary source, etc).
    4. Budget and Justification for funds requested.
    5. Specific Aims, Background, Preliminary Results, Research Plan, Future Directions: total 3 pages, font size Arial 11.
    6. Plans to apply for extramural funding: topic and time frame: 1 page
    7. References: 1 page.


The Center’s External Scientific Advisory Committee will review the proposals based on the eligibility criteria. An interview may be offered.

For additional information please contact Ms. Esther Choi (echoi34@jhmi.edu), Dr. J. Hamilton (jpahamilton@jhmi.edu) and/or Dr. J. Pluznick (jpluznick@jhmi.edu).