Director, Bin Wu, Ph.D.

Manager, George McNamara, Ph.D.
410-614-0134 (office)


Ross Fluorescence Imaging Center core is dedicated to providing state-of-art light microscopy technology to the members of the Hopkins Basic Research Digestive Disease Development Center and to the general Hopkins scientific community.


  • Consulting on imaging approach, analysis, and sample preparation
  • Image analysis software access: MetaMorph and Volocity
  • Microscopes and configurations
  1. Olympus FV3000RS Confocal Microscope for advanced multicolor cell and tissue imaging: 7 laser lines (405-730nm), 6 state-of-the-art PMTs (4 GaAsP, 2 GaAs PMTs), incubator for live cells, Olympus CellSens software, GPU deconvolution, including XYZT, FREP and FRET imaging modalities,
  2. Olympus FV1000MP multiphoton microscope for live-cell and tissue imaging, 25x NA=1.05 WD=2mm water immersion objective, Mai Tai DeepSee pulsed laser
  3. Leica SP8 confocal microscope, 4 laser lines (405-638nm), 2 photon counting HyD detectors, motorized XYZ, HyVolution2 GPU deconvolution.
  4. Andor Revolution X1 spinning disk confocal microscope
  5. Olympus IX83 inverted fluorescence microscope, for single-molecule FISH and immunofluorescence:  Lumencor SPECTRA 3 light engine with 8 LED, Hamamatsu FLASH4.0LT sCMOS camera, Olympus CellSens software).
  6. Keyence BZ-X700 microscope, with 37 C, 5% CO2, humidity control available.
  7. Zeiss AxioObserver A1 widefield microscope with Olympus DP80 dual monochrome (NIRF capable) and RGB color camera.
  8. Measurements of intracellular pH (potentially other ions) on cell populations using PTI’s RatioMaster and QuantMaster spectrofluorometic systems, equipped with temperature-controlled perfusion chambers.
  9. PerkinElmer Envision multimode plate reader.

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The staff provides extensive training for all equipment located within the Imaging Core. Access and utilization of Center equipment are not permitted until all forms and instructional sessions have been completed. Additional equipment and application training can be arranged with outside vendors. Fees may also apply related to specific equipment certification, see below.


  • See Ross Imaging Center iLab for all current pricing details (Leica SP8 is in ACCM Confocal Microscope Core).
  • Confocal Training $250 / Session (4 Hours, usually two 2 hour sessions, basic + advanced)
  • Olympus FV3000RS confocal microscope trained users $27 / Hour.
  • Leica SP8 confocal microscope trained $27 / Hour work hours, $20 /Hour nights and weekends (ACCM iLab).
  • Olympus FV1000MP multiphoton microscope trained users $50 / Hour
  • Other equipment nominal hourly charges: Keyence BZ-X700 “box” microscope, Zeiss AxioObserver w/DP80 CCD camera, PerkinElmer plate reader, Horiba PTI fluorimeters.
  • Core staff operator: $100 / hour.


Single-molecule FISH probe sets generation, protocols, training.


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