Integrated Physiology Core
Director: Nicholas Zachos, PhD
The goal of the Integrated Physiology Core is to advance the understanding of digestive diseases by providing services to increase the ease and efficiency of studying the physiology and pathophysiology, human enteroids and mouse models, including those knockout and transgenic models in which colitis and small intestinal disease occur.
Imaging Core
Director: Olga Kovbasnjuk, PhD
The goal of the Fluorescence Imaging Core is to provide state-of-art light microscopy technology to the members of the Hopkins Basic Research Digestive Disease Development Center and to the whole Hopkins scientific community.


Proteomics Core
Director, Robert Cole, PhD
The Proteomics Core uses mass spectrometry coupled to one (1D) and two (2D) dimensional separations by column chromatography or gel electrophoresis to identify, quantify or characterize proteins and their post-translational modifications, that are expressed in well characterized protein fractions from the small intestine, colon, kidney, liver and pancreas.

Translational Research Enhancement Core
Director, James Potter, BS
The overarching goal of the Translational Research Enhancement Core (TREC) is to provide the expertise and infrastructure for cost effective tissue and clinical data collection that meets Best Practices through the establishment of uniform Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to promote scientific advances by, and scientific interactions among Core users, collaborative investigators and young investigators, without each investigator having to invest in the equipment/resources or to individually work out the specific SOPs.