Hopkins Conte Digestive Diseases Basic and Translational Research Core Center is an NIH/NIDDK funded, institutionally supported center that has as its mission, to make gastrointestinal studies at Hopkins as outstanding as possible, by encouraging helping develop interactions between Hopkins basic and translational investigators.

The Center consists of an Administrative Core, four scientific Cores, an Enrichment Program, a Pilot and Feasibility Project Program, and services a Research Base of ~60 Hopkins faculty investigators.


Mark Donowitz
Co-Director, Mark Donowitz, MD
LeBoff Professor of Medicine and Physiology,
Director of Hopkins Center for Epithelial Disorders,
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Co-Director, Svetlana Lutsenko, PhD
Professor of Physiology and Medicine,
Associate Director for Basic Science and Clinical Relations
of the Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences,
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Associate Director, Jay Pasricha, MD
Professor of Medicine and Neurosciences,
Director of Johns Hopkins Center for Neurogastroenterology,
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Associate Director, Cindy Sears, MD
Professor of Medicine,
Oncology, and Molecular Microbiology and Immunology,
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


The GI Core Center supports four scientific cores:


The GI Core Center has 60 investigators – 43 Full Members, 12 Associate Members, and 5 Collaborating Members. These investigators currently have ~$23,000,000 in extramural funding related to digestive diseases, ~40% of which is NIH/NIDDK funding.

The Core Center investigators carry out research in 3 Focus Areas:
I. Basic studies of A) GI/Liver Physiology and B) Pathophysiology.
II. Translational Studies of GI/liver Disorders.


The Core Center Enrichment Programs consists of

a) Weekly Work-In-Progress.
b) Annual Hofmann and Family Lecture and Day of Science
c) Annual single topic conference on a theme emphasized in one of the Focus Groups
d) Research Base Retreat
e) Workshops related to Core Services
f) Mini-sabbatical program


The Hopkins GI Core Center Pilot and Feasibility Program supports innovative studies in normal GI physiology or GI diseases with emphasis on the support of young investigators. $100,000-$125,000 are awarded yearly with the usual grant of $25,000 with the larger awards for collaborative grants in which there is an important mentoring component of a young investigator by an established investigator.

All Core Center Members must acknowledge support by the Core Center in publications and grant applications, as follows: “Please acknowledge the contribution of our P30 the Hopkins Conte GI Center for Basic and Translational Digestive Disorders Research in all publications that have used Core Center services.”

In addition, if the FluoView3000 confocal microscope is used, please acknowledge grant S10 OD025244 (this is the NIH/NIDDK SIG that funded this purchase).